One common misconception people have about stress management is that it is aimed at eliminating any form of stress. But while being able to live a completely stress-free life sounds like some eldorado of some sort, the truth is that it is impossible to get to that stress-free utopia and live a life completely devoid of stress.

Everyone Needs Some Stress In Their Life

Although limiting stress is an important aspect of stress management, this does not mean cutting off everything in your life the brings you stress would be exceptionally helpful. In fact, we dare say that everyone needs some stress in their life.

An excessive dose of stress can be exhausting and leaves you drained and tired. But we all need some level of stress in our lives if we will functional at an optimal level. After all, challenges are needed for growth, and some low-level stressors (also called eustress) can be beneficial to your health. Being under some form of pressure also improves productivity to a large extent and help you become a better person overall.

You Cannot Completely Eliminate Stress

The truth is, you cannot cut out all stress in your life even if you tried. You will most likely create a tense and stressful situation for yourself by trying to create a completely stress-free life. If you ask professionals, they’ll you that cutting off all forms of stress has never been the goal of stress management. You will miss the real points of stress management and create a highly stressed life for yourself by trying to eliminate stress. Rather than do this and trying to run away unsuccessfully from stress, you will find it healthier to accept that we truly can’t eliminate stress from your life but you can develop simple strategies to help you manage them better.