Clothes are a crucial part of our image. Although most women have a good idea of what fashion is about, we can’t say the same for men. Besides, you can always learn something new. So, we have compiled a few fashion rules everyone should know while dressing to reduce flaws. Check here for quality office and casual shirts. 


  • If there are three buttons on your jacket, the middle one should always be closed, while the upper one is optional, depending on your mood. Always, leave the lower one open. 

  • The color of your belt should match the color of your shoe and wristwatch strap. 

  • The tip of your tie should cross a little over your waist 

  • Don’t let your trousers drop over your shoelaces. 

  • Remove all visible tags from your clothes. 

  • Wear clothes that fit well on your body – not too tight and not too loose. 

  • Don’t wear different prints like plaid pants and striped shirts. 

  • Invest in a watch. 


  • Wear a necklace that matches your ring and earrings that match your bracelets. That said, don’t use more than 4 accessories to avoid standing out. 

  • Avoid clothes with too many prints. Two coordinating prints of different sizes or two different prints of the same colors are enough. 

  • The cleavage of your office shirt should not be deeper than 4-inches from your collarbone. 

  • Spaghetti straps are not designed for use in formal situations. If you want to choose an office blouse without sleeves, make sure it covers your shoulders. 


When it comes to dressing, less is usually more. So, ensure your outfit is not overstyled by practicing balance. Also, never follow trends blindly and only wear what you are comfortable in.