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If you are looking for a quality paddle board, you need to visit Cool Snow instantly! Their inflatable paddle boards always sell very quickly, and it is with good reason, they are affordable, yet high-quality. If you have never tried one of these paddle boards, here is what you are missing.

What is a Cool Surf Paddle Board?

Cool Surf differs from other inflatable paddle board makers because of the quality and value provided in their kits. Each board is made from PVC plastic with delicately woven fibers. These fibers are intertwined inside the board and provide for the solid base inside. 

This unique design helps to ensure that your board is strong enough to withstand the adventures that it will go on. But also, super light, foldable, and most importantly, buoyant. 

There is one easy way to spot the difference between a quality paddle board and a cheap one. You can do that by looking at the paddle. All Cool Surf paddle boards come with a strong aluminum paddle. Its design has been molded to properly align with your hand. This makes it comfortable for long trips and will provide a luxurious feeling.

That sounds nice and all, but how portable are they? This is where Cool Surf really shines. All of their paddle boards come with a rugged travel bag. When your delivery comes, it will be in a travel backpack. Inside this bag is every accessory you will need (pumps, paddles, repair kit, guides), as well as the paddle board.

This bag can make it super easy to bring the Cool Surf paddle board anywhere you go this summer.

As you can see, Cool Surf makes a quality stand up paddle board. If you are interested, check out their website ASAP. they just got new products in and they will not last long!