Tired of not being the best dresser in the group? Well, that is about to change. Find the old notepad, because here is 5 ways to outdress the rest of the pack.

It is okay to dress up

Take a closer look to the groups of young men walking around at the mall or even in your office. We will bet you, they all pretty much look the same. That is because most men are actually afraid of dressing up. Simply because they do not want to draw unnecessary attention compared to their friends and fellows! Truth be told, most of your friends will properly pick up on the style displayed by you – only thing is, you will be the first mover and establish yourself as the better style guru.

Pick up on trends

You want to be the better dresser? Then you must pick up on the latest trends! Follow internet style pages for men and go have a look in the stores from time to time. That is how we discovered the great GABBA shorts, the oversize T-shirt and some of our best accessories!

Do not forget the fundamentals

Even though trends are good, every man needs a good fundamental wardrobe. Fundamentals are the evergreens you will never outgrow. Think of quality fabrics in never-out-of-fashion colors like black, white and classic shades of blue. Have at least a set of formal pants, chinos, blue jeans and black jeans a long with classic shirts, a couple of polo’s and some plain T-shirts.

These items will not only be there for you when you need a more classic look, but they are also great items to mix with trends or more vivid clothing – all in a way that is perfectly balanced.

Wear a watch!

Other than his wedding ring, there is no better accessory for a man than a good watch! The watch will subconsciously tell the world, that you are responsible and in charge of your own life. It does not really matter if you are into leather or steel, but do not flash an old digital sports watch, that is a thing for boys only.

Be confident

The most important thing to wear is: confidence! Not so much that you are considered arrogant, but enough to signal, you know what you are doing and that you rest within yourself. A man with confidence wears whatever he wears ten times better than the rest. Be that guy and you will soon outshine all the rest.