Non-destructive testing at the airport

If you have ever been to an airport you have for sure experienced the use of an x-ray machine.

In airports the x-ray machines are used to maintain a certain standard of safety. The x-ray machine can scan and show the inside of any suitcase – without even touching it. This machine provides the airport staff with the best conditions to safeguard visitors of the airports from damaging objects and people.

The strict airport-rules are set to maintain safety. Therefore, it is important that people respect that. Sadly, not all people want to follow rules. Some want to break the rules just for fun, but others have the intention of hurting people.

Therefore, the x-ray machine has a very important job to maintain at the airport. But did you know that x-ray machines are used for other purposes as well?

X-rays for product evaluation

X-rays are used to perform non-destructive testing. NDT is a method that analyzes an object without breaking or even touching it. It provides the observer with a total analysis of the products material, components, structure and other valuable – and because you do not break anything in the process you safe yourself a lot of both time and money with the NDT-method.

NDT have a range of different methods. For instance, the visual inspection NDT is the method, in which you use cameras, magnification and borescopes to examine a certain object.

X-ray non-destructive testing falls under the category of penetration radiation, in this category we also find methods such as neutrons or gamma radiation. Still, all penetration is still non-destructive.

Sound waves are used when an object needs ultrasonic testing.

Therefore, NDT have many different methods, depending on what testing the given object needs.

Non-destructive testing is especially useful in the science and technology industry, often in the fields of electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and other technoscience-related fields.

Some also use the abbreviation NDE for non-destructive evaluation, NDI for non-destructive inspection or NDE for non-destructive examination.

The Non-destructive testing method is highly valued and incredible useful in many regards.